TSUNAGU: Japan’s Agriculture and Food
Sithu Aung

Myanmar/Aichi Act

Sithu Aung

Born in Yangon and studied Japanese for four years at the University of Foreign Languages, Yangon. 
He is the emcee of Myanmar Japon’s television program “The JAPAN BRAND” and appears over 300 times per year on Myanmar’s terrestrial broadcast program MNTV.

On-Air Schedule

#2 Aichi : 12/8(Sat) 
Singapore/Mongolia 8:00pm~9:00pm etc.
Myanmar 6:30pm~7:30pm etc.
Sri Lanka 5:30pm~6:30pm etc.

This time, a young man from Asia gets a taste of agricultural work in Aichi Prefecture, famous for sites like Nagoya Castle, decorated with beautifully-shining gold shachihoko (tiger-headed carp statues), and Atsuta Shrine, one of the foremost power spots in Japan!

Aichi Prefecture is actually one of the foremost agricultural centers of Japan, growing a wide array of produce, such as cabbage and tomatoes!

It’s also known as a town with a deeply-rooted, unique local culinary culture.

A young man from Myanmar travels to Aichi to experience agricultural industry to sweat together and share in the joy of the harvest together with Japan’s farmers!