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Yudai Chiba, Sairi Ito, Renn Kiriyama, Anna Iriyama, Fuju Kamio, Shinya Kote, Hayate Ichinose, Ayaka Konno, and others


As a nobleman of the Heian period, Hikaru Genji (Yudai Chiba) marches to a different drum and values things differently. Now he lives in the apartment of weary office worker Saori Fujiwara (Sairi Ito), making for this popular, humorous love comedy, now in its second season! Saori suspects and fears that "Murasaki no Ue," the heroine to Hikaru in "The Tale of Genji," has also leapt to the modern age. But now, a former coworker has arrived back in Japan from America, and is putting the moves on her! What will become of the relationship between Hikaru and Saori?