Himawari: Miyazaki Legend



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Yuna Taira, Katsunori Takahashi, Yuki Inoue, Mai Oshima, Mayumi Sato, Yoichi Nukumizu, Yuri Ebihara, Nagano, Kiita Komagine, Kurumi Inagaki, Toma Gogun, Yui Asaka, Masanori Ishii, and others


Akiko (Yuna Taira), an art college graduate, has returned to her home in Miyazaki to work at her father Kenichi's (Katsunori Takahashi) company "Minami Kyushu Telephone". Akiko's father Kenichi is a popular figure at the company for his bright demeanor. However, he has a bipolar side to him that's difficult to predict. Indeed, "Minami Kyushu Telephone" is filled with fairly unique coworkers, like sharp-tongued former delinquent Kurumi Ebihara (Mai Oshima), and their bizarre second-in-command Saruwatari (Mayumi Sato). But even as Akiko is thrown aback by her flippant father and Miyazaki-native coworkers, she pursues her dream to become a manga artist. Another axis of the story is the romance between Akiko and Kenichi Korogi (Yuki Inoue). Kenichi Korogi, or "Kenichi #2", works for "Nangoku Green Service", and frequently visits her company. Kenichi #2 has a real love for plants and good looks, but he's hopeless when it comes to romance. He tries to express his feelings for Akiko, but he can never seem to get her to pick up on his signals. What will become of their relationship? And will Akiko fulfill her dream?