Tokyo Drama Award 2020


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MCs:, Koji Ishizaka, Emi Takeuchi, , Cast:, Toma Ikuta, Sairi Ito, Yo Oizumi, Official Hige Dandism, Haru Kuroki, Takeru Satoh, Mikako Tabe, Kankuro Nakamura, Yoh Yoshida, and others


In "Tokyo Drama Award," incredible dramas that Japan wants overseas viewers to watch are publicly recognized. Awards for various high-quality and highly-marketable works, such as the 2020 running of "Idaten," which depicted a period of great joy and sorrow for the Japanese people, Takuya Kimura's "Kyojo," in which he goes all out in his role as a cool-headed police academy instructor, as well as "Nagi's Long Vacation," "You Can't Expense This!", and "AN INCURABLE CASE OF LOVE." WAKUWAKU JAPAN brings viewers the award ceremony featuring Haru Kuroki, Mikako Tabe, Toma Ikuta, Takeru Satoh, Sairi Ito, Yo Oizumi, and Official Hige Dandism.