Tales of Bizzare Summer Special 2020

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Alice Hirose, Anne, Kouhei Matsushita, Hideaki Ito, Kenichi Takito, Jin Shirasu, Ichirouta Miyakawa, Kaori Yamaguchi, Megumi Seki, Kanna Moriya, Michiko Yamamoto, Tetsu Matsuda, Meikyo Yamada, Sarutoki Minagawa, Yohei Matsukado, Miyu Sawai, and others


An omnibus filled with dramatizations of strange phenomenon that happen every day in the world. In addition to having Tamori as the storyteller, each work features an extraordinary cast. Tonight, we invite you all to this world full of peculiarities. 4 works! In "Stain," Azusa (Alice Hirose), the only daughter of the owner of a dry cleaning shop, is put in charge of removing a stain from a shirt and ends up getting wrapped up in mysterious happenings related to a past murder. In "Fireproof Father," career woman Haruka (Anne) explores the puzzle of why her father's remains won't burn. In "Three Wishes," Kazuya (Hideaki Ito) is suspected to be the kidnapper of his beloved wife, and gets caught up in the mystery of her abduction and peculiar events following his discovery of a lamp 5 years earlier. In "The Streamer," Assistant Director Ryota (Jin Shirasu) streams raw footage to distract himself from his daily life. That is, until someone sends him a link, claiming it's contents will go viral. He then finds himself on the run from a mysterious streamer.