The Curry Songs

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Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Ouji Suzuka, Natsuki Deguchi, Yoko Moriguchi


Abandoned by his parents, Yoichiro has spent his life wandering the world. Due to a certain incident, he meets a shy university student hoping to become an artist—Nita. Nita treats the money-less Yoichiro to curry to repay him, and he slowly opens up about his family. The caretaker of Yoichiro's apartment knew his late father, and so he's entrusted his father's ashes to them. It seems there may be a reason Yoichiro spends his days wandering about eating curry... New curry variations every episode. In this heart-warming drama, Yoichiro invites people burdened with worries to a meal. He helps them solve their problems over bowls of top recommended curry.