Our Sister's Soulmate



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Kasumi Arimura, Kento Hayashi, Naohito Fujiki, Emi Wakui, Kaito Takahashi (King & Prince), Wataru Hyuga, Ryoka Minamide, Ken Mitsuishi, and others


Despite losing both of her parents and taking care of her 3 younger brothers, Momoko (Kasumi Arimura) has always been super positive and smiley, even if a little tactless. But then, it's love at first sight with the scarred yet always smiling Manato (Kento Hayashi). With time in prison under his belt, as well as a vow to never love a second time, he meets Momoko, and the hands of fate are set in motion... A stirring slice-of-life rom-com that will leave you thinking, "Maybe my life isn't so bad after all."