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Yudai Chiba, Sairi Ito, Ren Kiriyama, Anna Iriyama, Fuju Kamio, Shinya Kote


One day, ordinary office worker Saori is dozing off in her room when a stranger in period costume steps in! What the…? But the good-looking intruder reminds Saori of Hikaru Genji, the playboy protagonist of a novel from Japan’s Heian period (8th to 11th century). Upon hearing that he has nowhere else to turn, Saori lets him stay with her for the time being – he is just a weird cosplayer, right? Things begin to spin out of control when Saori’s younger sister Shiori learns of the new “roommate.” Into this scenario arrives Hikaru’s rival from the novel – another Heian aristocrat! A millennium-bending romantic comedy based on a popular manga series.