Gourmet Race

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Ryuichi Kosugi (Black Mayonnaise), Shinji Uchiyama, Maki Utsunomiya, Gal Sone, Amako Inter (Seiko & Nagisa)


A cuisine quiz & variety show about chowing down on famous dishes from every prefecture in Osaka, the city known for eating your fortune away! Two teams, one spearheaded by Black Mayonnaise's Kosugi, attempt to take quizzes all while devouring acclaimed cuisines one after another. The team that eats the largest number of famous cuisines in the time allotted wins! They'll even get extravagant prizes related to traveling around Japan! They face down plate after plate of delectable gourmet from all over Japan! The Big Appetites Shinji Uchiyama and Gal Sone go all out!