Keigo Higashino Mysteries 10 - The Promise of Twenty Years



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Ryoko Shinohara, Seiichi Tanabe, Sei Hiraizumi, Midoriko Kimura, Kiichi Nakai, and others


Bringing viewers the 10th stand-alone episode in a collection of Keigo Higashino's best mystery short stories. Asako lives together with Teruhiko. With no plans on getting engaged and their own jobs to support themselves, the pair enjoy a very independent form of love. But one day, Asako finds out that she has a uterine fibroid. The doctor urges her to have surgery now so that she can still have kids. Despite being troubled by this, she's unable to tell Teruhiko of her illness. However, around that time, Teruhiko tells her that he never plans on having kids on his own. Though she tries to convince herself that he's free to think that way, the ill Asako develops some misgivings about Teruhiko. What's more, Asako has noticed that he's been having nightmares late at night, but he glosses over them, claiming they're nothing... Made uneasy by his behavior, Asako finds herself even more suspicious. Nevertheless, she doesn't attempt to change anything about their relationship... That is, until she discovers Teruhiko making a phone call, thinking he had been well-hidden. Apparently he has a certain promise regarding children with someone? But why? And after he told her he didn't plan on having kids? Asako then tails Teruhiko to a rendezvous he set up with this mystery person at a rural restaurant. She overhears Teruhiko and the similarly-aged mystery man make plans to go somewhere together: a cemetery. After the pair leave the cemetery, Asako approaches the grave to look at the name, but is interrupted when a woman calls out to her...