Keigo Higashino Mysteries 06 - Mystery of the Crimson Letter



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Masami Nagasawa, Masanobu Ando, Chizuru Ikewaki, Maiko, Kiichi Nakai, and others


Bringing viewers the 6th stand-alone episode in a collection of Keigo Higashino's best mystery short stories. Yayoi (Masami Nagasawa) goes to her ex-boyfriend's apartment to return his baggage. She'd planned to just leave it outside his door and skedaddle, but something felt off. She opens the unlocked door and enters his apartment, calling his name, but there's no answer. Upon turning on the lights, she discovers that he has been murdered. Near his hand, the letter "A" is scrawled in blood. Yayoi notifies the police, and they come running. As Yayoi discovered the body, she is now a suspect. But she really just came by to drop off his stuff! She has no clue why her ex-boyfriend has been murdered. After the police investigate, they discover that although the apartment had been tossed, her boyfriend's money had been left behind, meaning it wasn't a burglary. Days later, Yayoi attends her ex's funeral. There, one of her ex's friends, a man by the name of Bito (Masanobu Ando), calls out to her. He knows the Nakase family very well and recognizes everyone at the funeral home. He also knows that Yayoi was teaching traditional calligraphy to Kojiro (Kotaro Shiga), the president of Nakase Industries, and that her ex-boyfriend was also taking care of him. Thinking the man shady and suspicious of how he knows so much, Yayoi asks what line of work he's in. He's a detective, he says. Bito informs Yayoi that her ex's death is somehow connected to the disappearance of the Nakase family's will, and that Yayoi herself might be in danger. Just as he said, Yayoi's apartment has been ransacked.