Keigo Higashino Mysteries 05 - Bitter Honeymoon



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Takashi Sorimachi, Ai Kato, Toshiyuki Kitami, Kiichi Nakai, and others


Bringing viewers the 5th stand-alone episode in a collection of Keigo Higashino's best mystery short stories. Married couple Nobuhiko (Takashi Sorimachi) and Naomi (Ai Kato) hop on a plane headed for Okinawa, finally going on their belated honeymoon. Their honeymoon was delayed due to the unexpected death of Nobuhiko's daughter Hiroko (Maki Shinta) in an accident. She was from his previous marriage and he raised her alone. On the plane, deciding that he needs to keep moving forward, Nobuhiko places the ring on Naomi's finger, but she hesitates, as a year hasn't yet passed since Hiroko's death. Watching them with a pleasant look on their faces is an elderly couple, Shigeo (Toshiyuki Kitami) and Terue (Yoshie Otsuka). With plenty of time before check-in, Nobuhiko and Naomi kill time sightseeing in Okinawa, and once they do return to the hotel, they just so happen to run into Shigeo and Terue again. Overcome with joy, Shigeo suggests they all have a drink in their rooms at some point, only to be chided by Terue. Naomi is delighted at the invitation, but Nobuhiko seems uninterested. Once they enter their room, Naomi takes out a photo of Hiroko. She expresses that her wish was for all three of them to come together, but Nobuhiko only stares at the photo... What's more, Nobuhiko has brought a massive suitcase, one generally unsuited to domestic travel. After dinner, a tipsy Naomi goes immediately to bed, only to have Nobuhiko's hands go around her neck. He secretly held Naomi responsible for Hiroko's death. Naomi awakens to be grilled with questions by Nobuhiko, but she remains speechless. Nobuhiko is enraged by Naomi's lack of denial. Naomi, after murmurs of "But this was supposed to be our honeymoon... We were supposed to be happy," closes her eyes in resignation. "Kill me."