Keigo Higashino Mysteries 04 - Double Edged



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Alisa Mizuki, Ito Ohno, Mitsuru Hirata, Eisaku Yoshida, Kiichi Nakai, and others


Bringing viewers the 4th stand-alone episode in a collection of Keigo Higashino's best mystery short stories. Yoko (Alisa Mizuki) is a lawyer, specialized in juvenile delinquency. Once again, she's managed to win a case, convincing others to allow a juvenile guilty of murder to enter rehabilitation. But underage or not, murderers face harsh treatment from society. In her press conference, Yoko is criticized by the media, but she sticks to her convictions. After the conference, Yoko returns to her apartment only to find a girl (Ito Ohno) in a corner of the parking lot. She calls out to her, but the girl doesn't respond. Exasperated, Yoko raises her voice, and the girl finally speaks. It wasn't that the girl chose not to respond, rather that she couldn't, for she had lost her memory. Unable to leave the girl on the streets in the middle of the night, Yoko invites her inside. She then sees "REIKO" written on the girls belongings. Presumably the girl's name is Reiko, but her memories are all trapped behind a profound darkness. That night, Yoko's local police are in a frenzy. A man named Tetsuya Maemura (Tsuto Kawai) was murdered during the downpour. Inspector Imanishi (Mitsuru Hirata) is placed in charge of the case, and has an eyewitness that places a young girl at the crime scene around the time of death. The next morning, Yoko uses Reiko's faint memory to track her movements leading to Yoko's apartment. In doing so, she runs into the officer in charge. The likeness portrait he's carrying looks an awful lot like Reiko... Yoko then goes to see her boyfriend Fujikawa (Eisaku Yoshida), a psychological counselor, to ask for help.