The Last Three Times We’ll Meet -How Many Times Can I Say I Love You?-



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Mizuki Yamamoto, Gordon Maeda, Asuka Kudo, Kotone Furukawa , Takashi Tsukamoto, Wakana Sakai, Ken Mitsuishi, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, and others


Kaede (Mizuki Yamamoto) works at a film production company. Focused on her job, she's neglected finding a boyfriend and is now staring down her 30th birthday. One day, while covering a famous chef, she meets Seishiro (Gordon Maeda), a part-time worker. Though their meeting was nothing extraordinary, after Kaede happens to grab Seishiro's hand, she begins to experience some strange changes. She begins seeing the number "3" on people's backs representing the number of times they will meet again in their lifetime. What would you do if you knew how many times you'd see your loved ones in your lifetime? A heart-rending love story where two people's final meeting draws nearer each time they meet.