Absolute Zero 4

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Ikki Sawamura, You Yokoyama, Tsubasa Honda, Yuki Morinaga, Mahiro Takasugi, Shohei Uesugi, Magy, Soshina (Shimofuri Myojo), Miki Mizuno, Akira Emoto, and others


The Pre-Criminal Investigation Unit (nicknamed "Mihan: means pre-crime") analyzes big data to predict and prevent crimes. Broadcast in 2018 with an average viewership of 10.6%, the hit series "Absolute Zero" starts again! Several months in the future... Someone planted explosive material in the capital and the Prime Minister declares a state of emergency. Flushed out in the investigation, Yamauchi (You Yokoyama) and Odagiri (Tsubasa Honda) found a sobbing Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) standing over a gunshot victim, pistol in hand. Has Izawa finally crossed the line? Just who is the woman he killed? What is the meaning behind Izawa's tears? The mysteries remain just that in this completely unpredictable story. A step up from last season, these intense action scenes are a must-see.