Daughter of Lupin

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Kyoko Fukada, Koji Seto, Atsuro Watabe, Maju Ozawa, Louis Kurihara, Donguri, Akaji Maro, and others


Hana (Kyoko Fukada) is a daughter of the "L Clan", a family of thieves that target those with ill-begotten gains. However, she's fallen in love with the son of a family of police officers, Kazuma (Koji Seto). Kazuma is desperate to bring the L clan to justice, but he often finds himself embroiled in dilemmas. Hoping to aid him, Hana ends up lending a hand to the family thieving business. A forbidden love comedy between the daughter of a family of thieves and the son of a family of police officers. How will their romance fare?! It's a curious sort of "modern Romeo and Juliet"!