Crime Syndrome Season1

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Tetsuji Tamayama, Shosuke Tanihara, Atsuro Watabe, Masahiro Komoto, Rie Mimura, Mayu Tsuruta, Hiyori Sakurada, Jun Kaname, Mitsuomi Takahashi, Kazuyuki Aijima, Raita Ryu, Aki Maeda


One team cracks cases that the police can't publicly work on... Their job is to handle special duties seeking the truth, investigating cases that are hard for the police to handle. In this societal suspense drama, Muto (Tetsuji Tamayama) had been given a special duty and will work with his best friend Kaburagi (Shosuke Tanihara) and their chief Tamaki (Atsuro Watabe) to solve kidnappings, disappearances and murders. The drama adaptation of a bestseller with over 500,000 volumes in circulation.