The Sparks

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Yusuke Santamaria, Yuka, Mayumi Asaka, Koji Okura, Rin Shono, Takaya Sakoda, Haruka Kinami, Ryuta Sato, Masato Ibu


Isao Kajima and his family have a new neighbor: Takeuchi, who only two years ago was pronounced not guilty by Isao, a former judge. Takeuchi's saint-like good deeds, with a charming smile, thoughtful gifts, and his care for the elderly, have earned the admiration of the entire family. However, since his appearance, strange things have been happening around the Kajima family. Was Isao Kajima's verdict correct? Who really is this friendly, neighborhood psycho?! Can the near-broken Kajima family stamp out the sparks of strife?! Find out in this shocking work of psychological suspense!