Detective Team 9 for Local Gourmet in Center of Japan

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Garage Sale, (Gori · Kawata), Maiko Ito, Shinya Owada, Yui Okada, GINSHARI Nao Hashimoto


In this battle variety show, the Gourmet Detective Team desperately tries to take back the local delicacies stolen by Garage Sale's villainously disguised Gori Menso! From games to quizzes, anything goes! Maiko Ito from Nagoya, actor Shinya Owada, TV personality Yui Okada, and Nao Hashimoto of comedy duo GINSHARI do battle with Gori Menso in Nagoya, where local "Nagoya-meshi" cuisine began its spread throughout the country. Only the winning team will be able to try the top-choice gourmet foods gathered from around the country. Except laughs, competition, and a fierce battle!