The Secret Lives of Kyoto Folk: Struggles of Youth - Spring Celebration



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Kento Hayashi, Itsuki Sagara, Yuma Yamoto, Shuri, Katsuya Maiguma


In "The Secret Lives of Kyoto Folk", a popular program where we see the mysterious life of Kyoto citizens, we get a peek at their hidden joys and hardships, set against beautiful seasonal views.
For the second season's "Struggles of Youth", five young adults are front and center. They are Kotaro (Kento Hayashi), a gardener, potter Yuko (Itsuki Sagara), chef Jin (Yuma Yamoto), baker Hana (Shuri), and farmer Eiji (Katsuya Maiguma). Each seeks to become masters of their craft against heavy odds. Kyoto’s winters are fiercely cold, but by Setsubun in early February, signs of spring can be found. Depicted in drama and documentary visuals, we’ll see Kyoto’s celebrations of spring as Setsubun turns to Hinamatsuri, and plum blossoms bloom.