The 2nd ASEAN - JAPAN Music Festival -prayer for peace-

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Kanjani Eight, w-inds., Nogizaka46, Ryotaro Sugi, Natsuko Godai, Ryuji Imaichi, Hiroomi Tosaka (3rd generation J Soul Brothers), Andien(Indonesia), Siti Nurhaliza(Malaysia), Sai Sai Kham Leng(Myanmar), Sarah Geronimo(Philippines), Taufik Batisah(Singapore), Tachaphon Pholkongseng(Palaphol)(Thailand), Dong Nhi(Viet Nam), Picotaro, Hikaru Nishida


2018 marks the 45th year since Japan allied itself with the ASEAN organization, which extends through 10 countries in Southeast Asia. In celebration, the “The 2nd ASEAN - JAPAN Music Festival” was held in October in Tokyo’s NHK Hall. At the invitation of Special Japan-ASEAN Ambassador Ryotaro Sugi, artists from Japan and 10 Southeast Asian countries, 17 groups in all, surpassed language barriers and communicated the importance of peace to people of the world through music at this music festival. You can see the festival for yourself on this program.
In addition to the performances of fantastic artists, you’ll also get to see ASEAN singers enjoy tourism, and “Japan”, in Tokyo.