Ramen to Set Sail For! Hokkaido Ramen 2018: Making the Ultimate Ramen SP

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Kunikazu Katsumata, Kumiko Funayama, Lotti, Kenji Tsukada (Ramen industry figure), Tsukasa Maejima (Mister Ramen)


The ultimate bowl of ramen! The third episode in a popular series on Hokkaido ramen!

Kunikazu Katsumata, a top gourmet in the entertainment industry, and charismatic ramen experts, Tsukada and Maejima, travel all of Hokkaido to bring you the finest ramen! From old recipes perfected by master chefs to innovative new takes on ramen, you'll discover more than 20 shops of fine cuisine known only to locals. In this episode, we'll try our hand at making the ultimate Hokkaido ramen.