Tokyo Sentimental-Love in Ochanomizu-



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Kotaro Yoshida, Mitsuki Takahata, Michiko Kichise, Jin Katagiri, Sho Aoyagi


Takuzo Kururi, who runs a Japanese confectionary "Kururiya" in downtown Tokyo as the third generation, is a 56-year-old bachelor, three times divorced. Hoping to meet a new woman, he joins a cooking class in Ochanomizu, and falls for its bewitching teacher, Kaede Akimoto. However, Kaede is scarred by a past episode of infidelity... Then there's the awkward truth that another single, Masuda, an attractive male student is also after Kaede. What will happen with their chaotic love triangle?

A mildly bittersweet love story for adults, set amongst downtown Tokyo.