Udo-chan's Amazing Ramen Trip in Yamagata, Fukushima and Niigata 2



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Udo Suzuki, Hiroyuki Amano (narration)


The second part in "Udo-chan's Amazing Ramen Trip" coverage! Yamagata City is Japan's largest consumer of ramen per household, with Fukushima City coming in second place. Niigata City's claim to ramen fame is having the second most ramen restaurants per 100,000 citizens. Udo-chan will take to this triangle of ramen kingdoms and eat local ramen favored by locals, surprising new recipes and old recipes loved since long ago! We'll see the "Ginger Soy Sauce Ramen" and "Curry Ramen" favored by citizens of Niigata Prefecture, the incredible noodles of Fukushima Prefecture that impress Udo-chan, and Yamagata Prefecture's ramen with its curious ingredients.