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Takuya Kimura,Aya Ueto,Miki Mizuno,Kei Tanaka,Mitsuhiro Oikawa,Toshiyuki Nishida


The most loved actor in Japan, Takuya Kimura's family drama. A talented businessman Hisashi meets with an accident.When he recovers from his comma,his memory of the past five years has become obscure. He cannot remember his wife and even worse they look like wearing masks for him. He is tormented by not being able to see their expression or emotions, which leads him to question his love for his family. But, somehow his memories of his ex-wife and his daughter from his earlier marriage are still very much alive in his mind. The ten keys left in his hands at the hospital lead him to his mysterious past revealing his real life that is comical, heart-moving, and at times deadly evil…