Doctor-X 5

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Ryoko Yonekura, Yuki Uchida, Ittoku Kishibe, Kenichi Endou, Kosuke Suzuki, Toshiyuki Nishida


In the previous series, Michiko was already dispatched to the pinnacle of Japanese hospitals: Totei University Hospital. There, she took a scalpel to an organization entangled with money and greed, all the while making saving patients her number one priority. Michiko, who was at Totei University during such a time of change, once again heads into the fray.

One year has passed since the downfall of Hiruma who manipulated the dirty hospital bureaucracy, and Totei University Hospital has entered a new era. It is now lead by its first female director, who promotes the idea of "patients first," and a movement to return it to a clean hospital has proceeded.
However, powerful individuals at the hospital have begun maneuvering to take back their former system run via absolute control that will allow them to regain profit for their own sakes. Hiruma, who temporarily departed the scene, is beginning to show suspicious activity, and Michiko is turning to take on this disreputable organization head on...!