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A one-off drama starring all five members of popular idol group "Arashi."
January 9th. 3:00 PM. Armed men storm the huge skyscraper of Ene-Bio Corp. But five men happen to be at that same building...
Company president Niimi, who was out of the building at the time, must come back with 300 million yen to meet the demands of the criminals. He is given 90 minutes. If he doesn't show with the ransom money, they say they'll blow up the building. Outfitted with the latest high-tech security, the building is transformed into a veritable castle, keeping out the police and SAT. The hostages are confined by the building's fire door shutters. Although it's thought to be a crime simply for ransom money, the hijackers reveal their demands to the media as well. With the building surrounded not only by police but also the media and onlookers, it's quickly turning into an unprecedented and theatrical building hijacking.