TV drama "Yowamushi Pedal Season2"

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Yuki Ogoe, Tatsunari Kimura, Taiga Fukazawa, Naoya Gomoto


Sakamichi Onoda is a young boy who is a first-year student at Sohoku High, a Chiba prefectural school, and an Akihabara-loving nerd.
Meeting students in the same year, Shunsuke Imaizumi and Shokichi Naruko, he joins the bicycle racing club.

A novice when it comes to bicycle racing, Sakamichi's abilities as a climbing specialist come to bloom right away through the experience of powerful and unusual members of the club, particularly captain Shingo Kinjo.

Amazingly, Sakamichi Onoda is selected as an inter-high participating member thanks to the positive effects of a four-day 1,000 km endurance training camp. He will stand at the starting line with the other members of the Sohoku High bicycle racing club who helped prepare him.
The real contest begins at inter-high.
*This series will be aired as a show with two parts, the first being seven episodes and the second being six episodes, for a total of 13 episodes.