Amateur Lovers never give up!

©Akira Fujiwara, Shogakukan/Yomiuri TV


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Rin Takanashi, Kei Tanaka, Kaho Tsuchimura, Yasushi Fuchikami


Misa Chigasaki is a producer for romance games at a smartphone game company. She's married to her job and has never had a romance last over two months. Misa is struggling day in and out producing hit games but suddenly her goal of company president is blocked by the arrival of too-perfect management pro Keisuke Ojima... Misa's roommate Chihiro gets proposed to by her boyfriend and is about to achieve those wonderful steps of "marriage" and being a "wife". However, right after that, Chihiro discovers her boyfriend cheating! She then comes to meet Tsukasa Hashimoto, who doesn't value women above their bodies. All of the characters "suck at love"! What comes after saying "I like you"...? What direction will awkward and naked love take these men and women who are bad at romance?