Code Blue -3rd Season

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Tomohisa Yamashita, Yui Aragaki, Erika Toda, Minami Higa, Yosuke Asari


Having their careers pass the 10 year mark, they each have begun to face their professional and private lives and started out on their own individual paths.
Kousaku Aizawa has parted ways with the Shoyo University Hokubu Hospital Emergency Care Center, and spends his days performing operations as a brain surgeon, diligently studying and aiming for even greater excellence.
Megumi Shiraishi is now working hard as the flight doctor staff leader at the understaffed Shohoku Emergency Care Center.
Mihoko Hiyama, who had previously also aimed to become a flight doctor, has parted with Shohoku Hospital and started on the path of an ob-gyn at a perinatal medical center.
Haruka Saejima continues to master her position as a flight nurse and performs as an ace.
Kazuo Fujikawa has become an emergency orthopedic doctor supporting the Shohoku Emergency Care Center along with Shiraishi.
They each seriously take on their lives and enter into new situations, where some lose family, meet a new romantic interest, get wrapped in a fierce rivalry, and more...