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Tomohisa Yamashita, Karina, Erika Toda, Masami Nagasawa


Asahi Mikuriya (Tomohisa Yamashita) is a photographer who cannot forget about his lover who suddenly left him one day. He meets Natsuki Chiyohara (Karina) by chance, a woman who also lost her lover in a shocking way, without warning. Having experienced similar incidents, Asahi and Natsuki's relationship draws closer by day. On the other hand, Asahi's local friend and former high school comrade Hanae Taniyama (Erika Toda) has had a long time crush on Asahi. She continues to love Asahi even though she is well aware of his lingering feelings for his former girlfriend Kasumi. A story of the greatest love triangle begins to unfold on and off the beach, at a hut where Asahi and Natsuki work together.

It's the perfect upbeat bittersweet summertime love story of one man and two women who try to begin anew, despite dragging on their unforgettable love affairs in the past.