Ooku Special -Another Story-

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Kyoko Fukada, Shihori Kanjiya


It is the seventh year of Hoei, the time of Ienobu, the 6th shogun. The shogun's wife Hiroko (later Teneiin: Reiko Takashima), as well as concubines Osume no Kata (later Renjoin: Yuki Matsushita) and Okon no Kata (later Hoshinin: Tae Kimura), all try to have children with Ienobu, but all of them die young and the only candidate for his successor is Nabematsu (later Ietsugu), the child born to Okiyo no Kata (later Gekkoin: Haruka Igawa). It is into that Inner Palace that Yuki (Kyoko Fukada), daughter of a samurai family, comes to serve.