Ooku Special -Women at the End of Edo Period-

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Miho Kanno,Yuko Asano,Kazuki kitamura,Mari hoshino


It is the time of Iesada Tokugawa, the 13th shogun. Secretly maneuvered against due to his striking words and actions, the concerns of the leaders of the Shogunate in due course are focused on choosing a succeeding shogun. The Kishu faction, backing Yoshitomi Tokugawa of Kishu, and the Hitotsubashi faction, backing Yoshinobu Tokugawa of Mito, compete against each other ruthlessly. Tokuko, from Satsuma Domain which backs the Hitotsubashi faction, weds Iesada. Her marriage intensifies the situation with the Shogunate leaders' concerns over the shogun succession. Tokuko herself is bearing a mission to support Yoshinobu as the next shogun to Iesada.