Noble Detective

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Masaki Aiba, Emi Takei, Katsuhisa Namase, Haruka Kinami, Haruka Igawa, Kenichi Takito, Miho Nakayama, Yutaka Matsushige


A new hero is born! In this mold-breaking mystery drama, the main character solves mysteries without any form of reasoning!

For the main character in this drama, a noble young man, detective work is a hobby: he's the Noble Detective. He's famed for solving cases of any difficulty, but his sleuthing methods are unheard of: there's no investigation or reasoning on his part, as his servants do everything for him. Working on cases, his outrageous team tends to bump shoulders with rookie investigator Aika Takatoku. As a proud and faithful professional investigator, she races to solve mysteries before the "nobles" can. The way the Noble Detective, who owes nothing to anyone, clamps down on evil with aristocratic flair is a delight! This full-fledged mystery entertainment is filled with unique and fascinating characters, including a detective who never reasons out a thing!