Unhandy Handyman -The First Snowfall 2016

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Masaki Okada, Kosuke Suzuki, Kenichi Endou, Eiji Moriyama


It is autumn of 2016. Takeyama is a screenwriter, but cannot do his work because of a broken heart, and comes back to a nameless small town in Hokkaido. Sakurada from City Hall Local Activities Division requests a screenplay for a short film production for town development. He is joined in his efforts by Matsui, a worker at a local handyman store who dreams of being a movie director. It is Takeyama’s first

time back to the town in a year and a half. He meets Kiritani Kiriya (Mari Iidose), a nurse who has been selected as their heroine. Takeyama can’t believe his own eyes when he sees her. She is the spitting image of the girlfriend that he has just broken up with!