Sushi and Beyond - An English Family Eats New Year's



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Michael Booth is an English food writer who is fascinated by Japanese food. In this show, he and his family travel around Japan and introduce all kinds of food with a combination of animation and live footage. In this special story, the live filmed "Real Michael" appears. He, along with animation Michael, will examine the heart of New Year dishes such as osechi, mochi, and toso.
Michael, who has returned to London after finishing his 100 day eating journey in Japan with his family, publishes a book about the experience, becoming the man of the hour. One day on a talk show celebrating the publication, Michael brags "Now I'm the foremost expert on Japanese food." Then before his eyes appears Onizuka, leading authority in the Japanese food world, who asks Michael about osechi.
However, Michael is unable to answer, greatly hurting his pride. Michael's close friend Toshi calls him after seeing the encounter and tells him "If you want to know the meaning of osechi, first you must look at rice harvesting!" Unable to stay put in London, Michael travels alone to the autumn Koriyama in Fukushima to meet a master rice cultivator.
There he comprehends "something" and then brings his family to experience New Year's Japan. Just how will the English family's New Year turn out?