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Takemoto, Morita, Mayama, and Ayu are four students attending Hama University of Art. One day, Takemoto meets Hagumi Hanamoto, the daughter of a cousin of Art professor Hanamoto, and a genius artist. It is love at first sight for Takemoto when he sees her drawing dynamically. Mayama lives in the same dormitory as Takemoto, and he has fallen for an older woman from his workplace. And Ayu is pining for Mayama. Meanwhile, Morita is talented and self-confident. When he comes back to University, his interest is piqued by Hagumi’s talent…
Based on the original comic by Chica Umino. Five good looking university students, all experiencing the sad situation that is unrequited love. A love story that is relatable for all generations. Both the TV anime series and exhibition have been incredibly successful, and has becoming phenomenally successful right across Japanese society.
<Sho Sakurai, Aoi, Yusuke Iseya, Ryo Kase, Megumi Seki>