Team Batista 4

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Atushi Ito, Toru Nakamura, Toshiro Yanagiba


It was the good-hearted psychotherapist Kohei Taguchi and Keisuke Shiratori, a rather eccentric bureaucrat of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare who created this innovative medical drama series “Team Batista” through an inseparable duo tied together by laughter and special bond. In the past there have been cardiac surgery, emergency medical care centers, and forensic medicine, depicting the problems of modern medical treatments. This time, the topic is terminal medical care.
The setting is “Hekisuiin,” a hospital in the countryside that focuses on this very terminal care, as well as post-mortems of unknown deaths. The problems that surround terminal care problems such as the sloppy post-mortem system of the countryside, modern-day medical care problems, and the dilemma of harsh reality that lies in regional medical care. The final battle for Taguchi and Shiratori begins…