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Atushi Ito, Toru Nakamura


An explosion occurs in a building in an industrial complex, and the flames spread to the nearby residential area. Many of the victims were taken to Tojo Medicine University Hospital. Hayami Koichi leads his team of top live saving doctors in treating the victims. On learning that the medical appliances company is corrupt, he decides to leave the hospital, but cant tear himself away. At that point, Hayami receives a black envelope with a mystery note inside. ‘Tomorrow the ICU patient will worsen suddenly and die’ the note warned. Hayami thought that the note was just some kind of a joke, and didn't act on it. But the cardiologist Kohei Taguchi couldn't stop thinking about it. Officer for the Ministry of Welfare Keisuke Shiratori comes to pay a visit to his former teacher. He learns of the mysterious note, and he suspects that it is someone with a grudge against Hayami, or someone who wants to prevent him from leaving the hospital, or even one of the hospital staff members.