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Yoshihito Takuma is stationed in Kyoto Prefectural Police station’s Special Investigations Unit. He is a detective with an impressive history, having served 10 years in prison under false accusations. During his 10 years of prison, he delve into the minds of the criminals there, becoming a somewhat of a criminal specialist.
Images from a bomb control unit on scene is leaked online. Kyoto Prefectural Police Deputy Superintendent Kiichiro Takakura is interviewed for the newspaper, and Yoshihito Takuma’s talent quickly becomes a hot topic of conversation. Requests for assistance with unsolved crimes from all over Kyoto Prefecture come pouring in.
The Special Investigations Unit was originally a position that Takakura came up with when he was bringing Takuma back to work, and he now hints at getting rid of it. He sounds out a position for Chinami Anekōji at a police academy. This is just one of his growingly mysterious actions.