A Girl & Three Sweethearts Another day in Taiwan


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This love comedy continues on in Taiwan in this special edition spin off. Fey is working as a waitress in a restaurant by the seaside. She is a very ordinary girl, and has a crush on the restaurant owner and chef Tony. One day, a young Japanese guy who rides a BMX and who goes by the name of Touma Shibasaki declares his love for her. Fey is bewildered by the sudden progression…
Starring: Wang Yi Wen

The main character, the youngest of the three brothers from ‘A Girl & Three Sweethearts’ Touma Shibasaki is played by Shuhei Nomura. Fey is played by the
incredibly beautiful and highly talented actress, Wang Yi Wen. Tetsu, a good friend of Fey’s from work is played by Teddy, a member of the hugely popular idol group ‘SpeXial’. Fey’s close friend Lulu is played by Ting, from Taiwanese idol group A’N’D. And Fey’s crush Tony, a young go-getter is played by Chiu Hao Chi. The line-up of co-stars is a star-studded affair, showing us a new side to ‘A Girl & Three Sweethearts’.