Lucky Seven Special

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Jun Matsumoto, Satomi Ishihara, Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Nanako Matsushima


This is a love story written by film director Tetsuo Shinohara (known for Metro ni notte) for actress Lin Chi-ling who appeared in ‘Red Cliff’. The beautiful and painful songs by Japanese anime powerhouse Joe Hisaishi paint a pure love story. It was awarded the top accolade at the 13th Gwangju International Film Festival. This time the ‘lucky detectives’ are given the task of uncovering the true identity of Mizuki Ku-rihara, secretary to a genius economist. The men that she has been connected to in the past have all come to ruin. Shuntaro poses as a young and talent entrepreneur who has inherited a restaurant. He plan to get close to her is a success, and she re-veals a gentle womanly side to him. This causes Shuntaro to forget his mission, and he falls for her. The two fall in love with each other, but it turns out it is just the be-ginning of Mizuki’s trap. It is thought that she is operating under the orders of genius economist Amano. And while the police suspect him of all kinds of financial offences, they cannot convict him. And because of his crimes, weaker people are put in danger one after another. Toko attempts to expose Amano for what he really is using a new tactic that bends the rules in order to catch Amano and his white collar crimes.

Starring: Jun Matsumoto, Satomi Ishihara, Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Nanako Matsushima