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Riko Narumi, Toma Ikuta, Natsuki Harada, Osamu Mukai, Hiroki Narimiya


Yuma Takemoto, a student at Hamada Yama Art University, in the Department of Architecture, falls head over heels for 1st year oil painting art student Hagumi Hanamoto when he saw her in the courtyard. She has genius-like talent, but she was extremely shy and almost never mixes with others. Shuji Hanamoto, her relative who is an associate professor, entrusts her to Yuta ....
The original story is a painful yet heart warming youth comic by Chica Umino, who drew this tale of love, of five men and women attending art college. Romantic conflict, career and friendship are all inevitable experiences of youth. While all of the characters experience ‘unrequited love’, it is a true and unshakable love. And as these characters must come face to face with daily life and talented attractive university students with potential, they must figure out their place in the world and the path that they must take without relying on others to show them the way. This sad but sturdy storyline is loved not only by younger fans, but is relatable across all age groups.
<Riko Narumi, Toma Ikuta, Natsuki Harada, Osamu Mukai, Hiroki Narimiya>