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Shido Nakamura, Manami Konishi


It all started with an unexpected encounter for Daisuke and Saki in 1976. On one fateful day, a destiny checkered with plenty of ups and downs for the two began. They were living out their dream, running a motorcycle shop within the protective community of the shopping street that they lived on. But one day, their motorcycle shops goes bankrupt, causing the screws that were holding the family together to come loose. And at the arrowhead of the dilemma, Saki falls and fails to regain consciousness. Daisuke does everything he can to try to return Saki to a normal life, but an expected conclusion awaits the couple. This is the story of a husband and wife whose lives are carved by a pendulum clock ‘Furiko Tokei’, from Showa to the Heisei era, and also a look at the dream that they envisaged for the 21st century.