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Koutarou Yoshida, Mitsuki Takahata, Jin Katagiri, Nene Ohtsuka


A story of subtle love towards women staged in downtown Tokyo.
Takuzo Kururi was born in downtown Tokyo to a family running a Japanese Confectionary Shop. By receiving very strict trainings from his father, Takuzo had become a professional rice dumpling cook (even better than his father), on the other hand, always end up messing up with women in his personal life and experiences three divorces.
Takuzo became 55years old now, and still enjoys his freewheeling life.
One day out of a sudden, Takuzo randomly meets a woman and get attracted to her. While Takuzo feels subtle feeling of love towards her, the two of them starts to chat over good Japanese sake, and cuisines. In each episodes, different attractive women is featured to interact and seduce this lovable character, Takuzo.