A Girl & Three Sweethearts

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Mirei Kiritani, Kento Yamazaki, Shohei Miura, Shuhei Nomura


Misaki Sakurai, with her dream to be a pastry chef, has not had any romantic relationships at all and even forgot how to kiss. One day, she was fired and her job hunting did not go well either. While she is in desperate situation, she met her first crush in high school days , Chiaki Shibasaki. Chiaki offers Misaki a live-in part-time job at his restaurant in Shonan. Misaki has suddenly started to live with Chiaki in the same house. However, there are extra brothers in the house. Third sun, Touma Shibasaki (Shuhei Nomura) is a playboy and clown. The second boy and master chef, Kanata Sibazaki is the one running the restaurant. He is annoying and does not admit Misaki as a pastry chef and uses her as gofer.