The eagerly-awaited new season "Doctor-X 7" starts from October on WAKUWAKU JAPAN!

Thank you for watching WAKUWAKU JAPAN always.
We are sharing an exciting news that Doctor-X 7 will be aired on WAKUWAKU JAPAN from October!!

You can find the details of the program below and the schedule to be shared later. Stay tuned!

Doctor-X 7
It's been ten years since the birth of "Doctor-X"!
The eagerly-awaited new season starts now!
Starring Ryoko Yonekura as Michiko Daimon once again!

Medical care systems worldwide are collapsing amidst the pandemic of the century, and Japan's top university hospital, Totei University Hospital, is meeting the problem head-on.
With internal medicine and viral infection treatments taking priority, all non-urgent surgeries are being postponed.
The surgery department, the former star of the hospital, has been driven out into a separate building.
Michiko returns to a completely changed Totei University Hospital.
Despite the current predicament, she loses no speed, plunging forward and taking the path she sees most fit.
Her strong-willed and conviction-filled way of life is truly remarkable!
Bringing you a refreshing show full of vigor!

In addition to incredible regulars Yuki Uchida, Ittoku Kishibe, Toshiyuki Nishida, Kenichi Endou, Masanobu Katsumura, and Kosuke Suzuki. Mansai Nomura takes on the role of the villain!

More broadcast details will be announced on the official website and Facebook fan page.


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