Change of Program Schedule for “Daughter of Lupin”

The broadcast schedule of “Daughter of Lupin - Episode 9” on WAKUWAKU JAPAN will be delayed to September 22 at 9PM (SIN)/ 8PM(JKT・VN) due to the schedule change of Japanese TV station.

“Daughter of Lupin - Episode 9” was originally scheduled to air on September 5th in Japan, but it has been delayed due to the schedule change of Japanese TV station thus its broadcast on WAKUWAKU JAPAN will be similarly delayed by a week, and is now set for September 22nd at 9PM (SIN)/ 8PM(JKT・VN). Please also be informed that Episode 10 and beyond have all been pushed back one week.

For the replacement on September 15th at 9PM(SIN)/ 8PM(JKT・VN), we will air “GOHAN JAPAN SPECIAL”.

For more information, please refer to the program schedule on WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s official website.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

”Daughter of Lupin”
Every Sunday at 9PM(SIN)/ 8PM(JKT・VN)

9/15(SUN)at 9PM(SIN)/ 8PM(JKT・VN)


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