WAKUWAKU JAPAN Channel Adds Widest Reach in Taiwan by Joining Basic Pack of another platform “Taiwan Mobile Broadband” from 9th July, 2019

WAKUWAKU JAPAN Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato-ku, President & CEO: Masafumi Kawanishi, hereinafter WAKUWAKU JAPAN) will begin broadcasting as part of the basic pack lineup for Taiwan Mobile Broadband (TWM) of the major cable television company TFN MEDIA CO., LTD. from 9th July, 2019.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN has been carried by TWM’s HD pack until now, but with expanded brand recognition and popularity, TWM decided to migrate and upgrade the channel from its HD pack to its basic pack which reaches the entire TWM customer base starting 9th July, 2019.

The penetration rate of cable television exceeds 80% in Taiwan, one of the highest in the world. WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s popularity is growing from strength to strength with carriage on 33 platforms across the world including 15 platforms in Taiwan. Most recently on 25th April, 2019, WAKUWAKU JAPAN was also added to basic pack of Kbro, Taiwan’s largest cable TV provider, and like TWM is part of the massive financial organization Fubon Group. With the widest reach of basic tier carriage on both Kbro and TWM, WAKUWAKU JAPAN now will be enjoyed by a large percentage of viewers in Taiwan.

In July 2019, WAKUWAKU JAPAN starts to broadcast Fuji Television’s latest drama “Daughter of Lupin” and Kansai Telecasting Corporation’s latest drama “TWO WEEKS” (Japanese adaptation of MBC Korea’s big hit drama). With the latest dramas and a compilation of other entertaining programs, WAKUWAKU JAPAN will aim for even greater popularity.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN will continue to expand its broadcasting services so that even more viewers in Taiwan and around the world can enjoy Japanese programming, and to foster an increase in fans of Japan in every country and region.


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WAKUWAKU JAPAN is a Japanese general entertainment channel, airing 24 hours a day, and offering variety of programs in the local language. Through the broadcasts and its promotional activities, WAKUWAKU JAPAN aims to show to its viewers the Japan of today, along with its entertainment, culture and the many local goods from all around Japan to increase the viewers’ interests of Japan.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is currently airing in 8 countries/regions, which are Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand and Philippines.