WAKUWAKU JAPAN Celebrates Its 2nd Year Anniversary in Taiwan
Top actor Issey Takahashi visited Taiwan to promote his latest drama

WAKUWAKU JAPAN Corporation (headquartered in Tokyo’s Minato Ward; CEO Masafumi Kawanishi; henceforth referred to as WAKUWAKU JAPAN) launched its general entertainment channel in Taiwan, “bringing the real and present of Japan” via 100% Japanese content to a total of seven countries and region. Last September marked the anniversary of its establishment. As part of its continuing celebration, WAKUWAKU JAPAN brought the top actor Issey Takahashi to Taiwan on November 3rd, 2018 (Sat) and held the special event to promote his latest drama “Miracles”, now airing on WAKUWAKU JAPAN. Over 30 representatives of the media participated, and applicants to join the special event applied for all available spots 30 times over, which was much remarked about.

“Miracles” is Issey’s first leading role in a drama series airing during Japan’s prime time. The series is an equally hot topic in Taiwan, and WAKUWAKU JAPAN is first to broadcast it in the region. At the “WAKUWAKU JAPAN 2nd Year Anniversary ‘Miracles’ Special Event in Taiwan” on November 3rd (Sat), Issey made his first appearance in Taiwan, offered thanks to his fans, and explained what to look forward to in “Miracles”.

Issey shared some behind-the-scene stories and acting theories with his fans. It was a lively event with Issey trying his hand at Taiwanese greetings and sampling local specialties.

In addition to providing high-quality Japanese content to the world, WAKUWAKU JAPAN also promotes and collaborates with its strong partners and will continue to convey the appeal of Japanese entertainment through various activities.

“Miracles” Drama Series Summary

Issey Takahashi plays Kazuki Aikawa, a slightly unique university professor infatuated with the mysteries of living things. He has a knack for irritating those around him, but you just can’t hate him. Some might consider him adorable...
As a character honest to his sense of curiosity and interests that spends his time “enriching his soul every day”, you can be assured his words will reach your heart. This is an enlightening story for everyone who has lost sight of themselves, caught up in their appearance to others.
(Produced by Kansai Television Co. Ltd.)

Issey Takahashi, Nana Eikura, Jun Kaname, Kazuya Kojima, Min Tanaka, Keiko Toda, Kaoru Kobayashi

Issey Takahashi Profile

Birthday: December 9th, 1980
Birthplace: Tokyo
Skills: Skateboard, basket ball, guitar, blues harp
Hobbies: Cycling

Appears in a variety of productions including drama, film, and stage plays. Movies: “Shin Godzilla,” “The Lies She Loved,” “blank13,” “Recall,”; Kansai TV & Fuji TV drama: “My Dangerous Wife”; Asahi TV drama “Wise and Foolish”;  TBS drama “Quartet”; NHK historical drama “Naotora; The Lady Warlord”; NHK morning serial drama “Warotenka”


WAKUWAKU JAPAN started airing in Taiwan in September 2016. In September 2018 it celebrated its 2nd anniversary. To commemorate, it will air the latest seasons of 4 hit dramas, “Miracles,” “Legal V,” “Downtown Rocket,” “Hoping to Give You a Big Hug Tonight” in the same period as Japan.


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WAKUWAKU JAPAN is a Japanese general entertainment channel, airing 24 hours a day, and offering variety of programs in the local language. Through the broadcasts and its promotional activities, WAKUWAKU JAPAN aims to show to its viewers the Japan of today, along with its entertainment, culture and the many local goods from all around Japan to increase the viewers’ interests of Japan.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is currently airing in 8 countries/regions, which are Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia and Thailand.